Localmotive Workshop Coworking space

The LocalMotive Workshop is a shared coworking space with all the amenities of an office building in a convenient location on Main Street in Cooperstown.  Whether you want to work at your business outside of your home, or want to telecommute a couple days a week, or if you're visiting and need a temporary work space, we have the solution for you.

Coworking Resources:

  • 600 square feet of co-working space with desks, lounge, conference room & kitchenette

  • Available by day or month, shared or dedicated desk

  • Conference room and after hours / evening events by reservation

  • High-speed internet, printer/copier/scanner and library of business literature

  • Community business leader expertise including finance, legal, sales & marketing, operations, human resources

  • Coworking Visa – free (limited) use of other coworking spaces worldwide (map of spaces)

Coworking Fee Structure:

  • $20/day for use of shared coworking space

  • $25/hour private use of coworking space and conference room

  • $10/hour private use of conference room & kitchenette

  • $100/month - use of shared coworking space

  • $200/month - use of dedicated work space

Located at: 209 Main St Suite B, Cooperstown, NY

To sign up or for more information call 607-547-4138 or email info@localmotiveworkshop.com